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“i want to wear shorts because it’s hot but i really hate my legs” an autobiography

“I want to wear shorts but i didnt shave” the sequel.

“I want to wear shorts but I don’t tan and I’d rather not blind you” The trilogy 

“I want to wear shorts but my huge dick always sticks out” a pop-up book

a pop up book

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i ship me and money

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Tom Hiddleston for GQ UK, 2013

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good advertisements here on the highway

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she is SIXTEEN

she also got shot in the HEAD and LIVED

One of the most badass human beings currently on planet Earth

Chills. This is absolutely beautiful.

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When people say “You know that thing you’re really obsessed with?”










“Your husband’s on tv”


“that show that made you cry”


“That show where the main character died”


That one with the really hot British actor.


“I found that body you hid”


i was not expecting this

You should have.

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