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Yes Jack do it pleaaase

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blink-182 lyrics + snapchat

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netflix gives u 15 seconds between episodes to decide whether or not you’re doing anything with ur life today

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I do not have a drug habit.

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I wouldn't be afraid of spiders if I could just talk to them, you know?
  • Me: Oh, hey whoa, this shower is occupied.
  • Spider: Omg man I didn't see you there.
  • Me: We cool?
  • Spider: Yeah, yeah, we're cool. I'm just coming down to scope out the tub.
  • Me: Oh, that's legit. Hey, you might wanna move over some--you're descending right into the shower stream and I don't want you to drown.
  • Spider: Hey thanks, bud. I'll be careful.
  • Me: So...can I get out now?
  • Spider: Sure, sure! Sorry I'll just move over here.
  • Me: Thanks. You have a nice night. Don't come into my bedroom, okay?
  • Spider: Nah, that's your space. We're cool. Have a great evening.
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a shady stranger pulls me into a dark alley “hey kid do you want to do drugs” he says as he gives me a pencil and a form.  “I’m doing a survey for the census bureau”

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How could I possibly choose

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are we just ignoring John Watson’s really tight shirt?


because hot damn


and obviously we know why


because he learned from this fucker 


its even weirder because it looks like the same fucking shirt

One shirt to tight them all

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he does nt even know

Know what

the economic state of america

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do I focus on the long arm or shit yourself

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